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Approaching Him, {the one who is known to have lovely locks KESHAVAN, is the husband of Lakshmi MAADHAVAN and who churns the seas abounding with ships}, the damsels of Gokul and Vrindavan who are beautiful and adorned with many ornaments receive through His grace the auspicious drum (Parrai) that is used in the festivals in honor of the Lord.

Describing their observances and prayers Godha/ Aandaal the resident of Sri Villiputtoor, the foster daughter of Bhattar Piraan, adorned with lotus garlands composed this Thiruppaavai. It is known as the “Garland of Songs” (SANGAT TAMIZH MAALAI), sung in groups by devotees for the pleasure of  Lord Naaraayana.

Thiruppavai is hailed as the poem of the Sangam poetess Aandaal. It consists of thirty Paasurams. Who-so-ever recites these Paasurams faithfully, attains the benign Grace of the Lord of  Sri Lakshmi (THIRUMAAL  or  SRI PATHI). The devotee receives divine bliss. Thirumaal is the Supreme Lord, He has a divine form. His shoulders and arms are strong. His beautiful lotus eyes have a reddish hue. He has other auspicious signs and glorious qualities like calmness, endurance, cleverness, valor, prowess, generosity, sweetness, strength and opulence (STHHAIRYA, DHHAIRYA, CHAATURYA, VEERYA, SHAKTHI PARAAKRAMA, AUDARYA, MAADHHURYA, BALAISHWARYA). The Thirtieth Paasuram is in praise of His Glories. It is a song that urges the devotee to sing the praise of Lord Krishna and attain bliss. Thus it is a song that fulfills the desires (PHHALA SHRUTHI PAASURAM, THIRU NAAMA PAATTU), of devotees who seek Lord’s grace and wish to serve Him.


Today is the day when the Paasurams of Aandaal, (the lady who gave her garland to adorn Lord  Ranganaatha SOODIKODUTTA NAACHIYAAR) come to the stage where devotees gather in a huge congregation in the temple to celebrate the last day of PAAVAI NOMBU. They sing the thirtieth Paasuram and partake the Prasadam of the Lord (SAATTUMURAI, GOSHTHHI).

The marriage of Aandaal with Rangamannaar (GODHA KALYANAM) is also celebrated on this day. Aandal not only offered the garland of flowers (POOMAALAI) to the Lord after wearing it herself, but also offered this Garland Of Songs (PAAMAALAI) throughout the month of Maargasheersha (MAARGAZHI MAASAM) to celebrate the PAAVAI NOMBU.

Today is a very auspicious day (PARAMA MANGALA DHINAM).Today is Uttarayana and Makara Samkranthi. May auspiciousness spread all around. May Aandaal’s message full of love and devotion reach the Lotus Feet of the Lord. May the recitation of the thirtieth Paasuram fill the lives of the devotees with blessings for a life filled with service (KAINKARYAM) for Lord Krishna. Aandal says those who recite the Thiruppavai will certainly be blessed by Lord Krishna who will shower His love, compassion and grace on all His devotes who recite, hear and participate in this Paavai Nombu.




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