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Aandal prays to Lord Krishna thus:

“ Oh Lord Govindha! Please listen to our prayer. We are the Gopis, who have been approaching Your divine presence at the streak of dawn. We have been paying our obeisance to You with the sole purpose of singing Your praise and offering our devotion to Your lotus feet. You Oh Lord  decided to take birth amongst us, the humble cowherds, who earn their livelihood by rearing  and grazing cattle. You have been so compassionate to us and have not denied us the humble service and that we perform with devotion. Oh Lord please pay attention and grant us our prayer to serve You not only in this birth but may our seven generations be tied to You in devotion and humble service. We the kith and kin of Your Divine Self should receive the good fortune of performing all devotional service to You alone. Please burn away all our other desires so that this one desire alone forever remains kindled in our hearts”.


Just like in the Paasurams 27th (Koodarai Vellum seer GOVINDHA) and 28th (Karavaigal Pin Senru………..Kuraivonrrumillatha GOVINDHA),  in this Paasuram too the name Govindha is invoked for the third time. It is like uttering the name GOVINDHA thrice for undertaking a resolve (Sankalpam) of remaining a servant of the Lord forever. (GOVINDHA! GOVINDHA! GOVINDHA!) 

We can also observe that another name of Aandaal Godha is hidden in the name of Govindha. So when we invoke the Lord’s name we also invoke Aandaal’s name.

The 29th Paasuram is the last Paasuram wherein Godha or Aandaal  concludes her garland of poems in the role of a female cowherd (Gopi) which she assumes in order to identify herself with the innocent, simple, loving and devoted milkmaids of Vrindavan in order to express her and their(Gopis of Virndaban)love and devotion for Krishna.

She envisages them and herself getting together and performing the PAAVAI NOMBU during the auspicious month of December and January  (Maagasheersha Maasam). She asks Krishna to bless her and the other cowherd devotees ( Gopis) so that they can stay away from all worldly attachments and serve Krishna and Krishna alone, come what may, everywhere ( SARVA DESHA), at all times (SARVA KAALA)and under all circumstances( SARVAAVASTHHA). She sees herself and the Gopis as sharing a very strong and loving bond of the controller and controlled (SESHATVA SAMBANDHAM) wherein the Gopis happily and readily   seek and  want to be under the Lord’s control and be commanded by Him. Hence they seek the boon of  uninterrupted service and devotion towards Lord Krishna.

She and the Gopis do not seek any other reward except being in devoted service of Lord (KAINKARYA PRAAPTHI). The Gopis entreat to they should have unconditional and unalloyed devotion and love for Him, as this relationship is not of give and take,“ I will give you this, and You in return with give me that” (DEHI MEY DHADHAAMI TEY)! It is a relationship of unconditional devotion, service and surrender to Krishna (AHAITUKEE BHHAKTHI, KAINKARYAM and PRAPATTHI).          



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