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The Gopis describe themselves as ones who tend cows for a livelihood. Hence being born as cowherds, Aanadal says, “we think we are not fit to receive the merits by performing noble and good actions (SAT KAARYA PHALAM) as our status in society is not very noble and high.

They also reveal that they are unfit to acquire the three most important qualities of devotion, (BHHAKTHI) knowledge( JNANAM) and through strict discipline being capable of performing various Yogic postures and practices in order to unit the heart and mind in meditation, contemplation and absorption in Krishna (YOGA). Aandaal hence says,”we are not fit to pursue the path of devotion, knowledge and contemplation as we are completely devoid of even comprehending the three mysteries of what essence, goodness and knowledge are (THATTHVA HITS JNAANAM)”.

But how come then they still are very blissful? Aandaal says, “ look at our good fortune! We are so very fortunate that You Oh Krishna have decided to be born in our clan and caste (PIRAVI PERUMTANAI YAAM UDAYOM, SOWBHHAAGYAM of KRISHNA born as a SAJAATHYAM)”.

Aandal and Gopis therefore celebrate the very quintessential good fortune (MOOLA SUKRITHAM) of being in the company of Krishna(KOORAIVONRUMILLATHA GOVINDA). Here the essential quality of Lord is expressed as He being the essence of means and goals (PRAAPYA PRAPAKA SANGRAHATHVAM).

The Gopis also celebrate the special relationship they share with Krishna (SAMBANDHA JNAANAM, UNRANNOODORAVEL NAMAKKU INKU OZHIKKA OZHIYAATHU).

They then go a step further and identify themselves as village girls who are simple and innocent and have no awareness about dignity and decorum as per worldly rules and regulations (LOKAA MARIYAADAA/ ARIYAATHA PILLAIKALOM ANBINAAL)

The Gopis also are constantly aware of their position as humble devotees and always ask for forgiveness for any trespasses past, present or future (UNRANNAI SIRU PER AZHAITHTANAVUM SSERI ARULAATHE). Aandaal says, “Please do not be angry with us because we use short names (KANNA etc) of affection for You. Please pardon us for these trespasses”.

They at the end only pray for having the good fortune (SOWBHHAAGYAM) and possessing the sole treasure of being in service of the Lord (NEE THAARAAI PARAI).  Here they express what they desire and what they expect Krishna to bestow on them and address Him as the LORD “IRAIVA”.

NOTE: Aandaal here expresses that in spite of successfully nearing completion of the Paavai Nombu and in spite of the fact that Sri Krishna showed so much of compassions and bestowed on them and good fortune of  SAALOKYAM, SAAMIPYAM, SVAAROOPYA as well as  SAAYUJYAM yet they cannot afford to  allow complacency to creep into them or feel proud as the fortunate ones. In fact they must now very carefully and preciously guard this good fortune from their own weaknesses of allowing the ego to be “elated” on becoming the ” elevated devotees”. This is the most difficult phase and aspect of the whole endeavor of unconditional surrender and devotion. While living in this world till Krishna decides otherwise, one must continue performing one’s devotional duty, services as well as follow rituals and tradition devoid of any expectations and blemishes while still being surrounded by worldly existence. One has to recognize the fact that one can easily fall a prey to one’s ego and hence be alert and aware all the time so that the accumulated merits (PUNYAM) may keep multiplying so as to enable the individual soul (JEEVAATHMAA) to reach  KRISHNA’S LOTUS FEET  (PARAMA PADAM).


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