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Paavai Nombu is nearing its completion. The ecstatic Gopis are praising the Lord,

“Oh Govinda through Your benign magnanimity, You even win over Your opponents. Through Your grace, we shall get the energy to sing Your praise, as Your presence shall always inspire us and fill us with love and devotion for You.  Thus worshiping You (with devotion and surrender) in the divine service of Your Lordship, for the purpose of Your pleasure alone, we will be praised by the world for being able to perform this Vratham successfully through Your Grace.

Now we adorn ourselves with various ornaments, bedeck ourselves with flowers, apply collyrium, drape ourselves in fine new clothing and put on jingling anklets. We shall then approach You and shall rejoice in praising You, being in Your divine company and refuge.  For Your pleasure and consumption, as well as for the entire devotee congregation (GOSHTHHI) now we shall prepare food using milk and ghee (KSHEERAANNAM). Thus filled with contentment and rapture in Your divine presence we shall attain peace of mind and bliss“.  


Back in the SECOND PAASURAM (VAIYYATTHU VAAZHVEERGAAL) Aandaal had instructed the devotees who were participating in the Paavai Nombu , to avoid  using ghee and  milk in food and  give up  fine clothing, heavy ornaments, collyrium as well as flowers to bedeck themselves. Now as the Nombu is nearing its completion she, through this 27th  Paasuram indicates that now that the Vratham is nearing its completion, we can use all the above things for the pleasure of Lord Krishna.

In this Paasuram Aandaal and Gopis also request the boon from Krishna of being so immersed in Him that they merge and become one with Him (SAAYUJYAM).This state of Oneness is obtainable only when crosses the other levels of devotion through complete surrender to Krishna. Hence this level of communication and communion is beyond the bliss of the other preceding levels of:

1.Continuous contemplation of Krishna (SAALOKYAM).

2.Nearness to Krishna (SAAMIPYAM).

3. Having the vision of Krishna (SAAROOPYAM).



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