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The young Gopis request Lord Naaraayana to grant them the various accessories they need for conducting the Vratham.

“Oh Lord who is the very personification of unconditional love, please listen to our prayers. Oh Lord Krishna who is endowed with sapphire-like complexion please pay heed to our entreaties.

We have followed the rituals of preparation for the Vratham to the best of our ability through Your Grace. Through the strength and resolve bestowed on us through Your desire and compassion, we have taken the holy dip daily early at dawn without fail. We now need the following materials for successfully the vratham.

1. Conchs similar to Your Panchajanyam, so that we can perform the worship through recitation (MANTHRASANAM) in accompaniment to the blowing of the conch (SHANKHHANAADAM)

2.  Drums (the BHHERI) for the  auspicious music while conducting the ritual holy bathing ceremony for the You and Sri Devi (THIRUMANJANAM or SNAANAASANAM).  

3. Singers who will glorify You (sing the Thirupallandu) while we decorate the Divine Couple with various silks and jewels (ALANKAARAASANAM) .

4. Beautiful resplendent decorated lamps to light while offering  food to You and Sri Devi (BHHOJYAASANAM).     

5. The banner or (DHHVAJAM) to be hoisted  during recitation of the concluding prayers  for the pleasure of the Divine Couple. (PUNARMANTHRAASANAM)

6.  A huge canopy (POOJA PANDAL and OONJAL) where we can offer YOU  a throne or swing for rest  and relaxation ( PARYANKAASANAM).

Here we all  will congregate to perfom the vratham in Your honour.

Oh Lord whose mysterious ways are unfathomable (MAAYAAVIN). Oh lord You appeared as a baby lying on the banayan leaf  (VATAPATRASHAAYEE) blissfully sucking Your big toe (PADAANGUSHTHHAAM DDHHRITA MUKHHE), please bless us with these  materials (VRATHOPAKARANAM) through Your abundant Grace”.


NOTE: In this 26th Paasuram, the  26th  essence (TATHTVAM)  i.e. God (ISHVARA) as mentioned in the Upanishads (TAMM SHATVINSHAKAM ITHYAAHU) is alluded to.

The individual soul, (JEEVAATHMAA) is the 25th essence  according to the Upanishads.

The indiviadual soul (JEEVAATHMAA) painstakingly climbs the 24 steps  of this materialistic world encased in this body (SHAREERAM that consists of  the 24 TATTVAM) and reaches the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord ( SANNIDHHI OF ISHVARAN).

The Lord is patiently waiting to receive His devotees and grant them salvation from the recurring cycles of  birth and death. This is the philosophical meaning of this Paasuram.

At the devotional level Aandaal indicates that the age old customs and traditions laid down by our preceptors (AACHAARYAS) should be respected and observed implicitly.  By describing the accessories  for the Dhhanurmaasam ceremony, Aandaal indicates that while a pure mind and heart, filled with pure intentions, love and devotion is the foremost prerequisite for approaching  the Lord and seeking His Grace and Mercy( MAANASIKAARADHHANAM or HRIDYAGYAM)  one needs to carefully follow all the rituals and customs that have been enjoined in the scriptures as external aids for worshiping Lord Krishna.(BAAHYAARAADHHANAM).  Finally  this  Paasuram also indicates that mental prayers as well as  accompanying rituals  are meant for seeking refuge in Krishna through surrender.





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