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Aandaal describes Lord Krishna in this Paasuram. She says You were born of one (ORUTTHI i.e. DEVAKI) and raised by another (ORUTTHI i.e YASHODA). You are the One who ignited the fire of  fear and terror in Kamsa (KAMSA’S BELLY “KANCHAN VAYITTRIL”). You are the One who is Maha Vishnu. You are the One who holds the Conch (Shankha) and  the (Chakra). We pay our respects and homage to You.You are the One who will remove all our miseries and fill our lives with bliss as you did remove the plight of all Your devotees who fervently sought You as Krishna. Oh lord we have woken up all your devotees and with a pure heart and mind we seek Your Grace and Blessings.Please grant us the boons we desire we will sing and praise Your opulence and thereby will be relieved of all our miseries”.
Lord Krishna’s Avataranam is being celebrated in this Paasuram.The all pervading and all powerful Lord hid His glories and power ( until and unless it was absolutely necessary for the Lord to show His opulence on various occasions) while He chose to live in Gokulam. Because of His deep attachment for His devotees he chose to  live in Gokulam and Vrindavan among the simple cowherd who were steeped in devotion towards Krishna. They knew ( and so did Aandaal and her devotee friends), that the route through unconditional devotion and surrender ( Bhakthi and Prapatthi: “ARUTTITTU VANDOM PARAI THARUDIYAAHIL” ) is the only way to be purified in every way to receive Krishna’s Mercy and Grace.

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