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The Gopis along with Aandaal have witnessed Lord Krishna sleeping, waking up, getting up and walking towards them. Meanwhile when He walks the Gopis perform the auspicious rituals and prayers and sing His glories. (MANGALAASASHANAM) for His divine feet (THIRUVADIKAL). They sing  paean of praise for Krishna thus:

“Earlier on one particular day long ago, You measured this Universe with Your feet and now we pray that these divine feet are always protected and glorified. Earlier long ago You went to Lanka and killed Ravana the sinner, now we pray that Your enormous power to vanquish evil is always glorified. Long ago You gave a kick to the demon in the form of a cart (SHAKATAASURA) with Your tiny divine feet, today we pray that Your fame is forever protected glorified. You vanquished the demon in the form of a calf (VATSAASURA) as well as the demon in the form of the wood –apple tree (KAPITTAASURA). Today we pray and glorify YOUR divine feet and anklets. Long ago You lifted the Govadhana Giri just like one lifts a umbrella. Today we glorify Your pristine Merits and Grace. The spear in Your hands completely subjugates and eradicates Your enemies. We sing the glory of that spear in Your hands. We have come to You to offer our prayers. Please be compassionate to us and provide us with  all the necessary ritualistic paraphernalia that we need to perform this Paavai Nombu.

NOTE: Since this Paasuram is one of the most auspicious one and is a song of glorification of the Lord’s divine deeds and His auspicious attributes as well as His beautiful Hands and Feet  (a MANGALASASHANAM or a THIRUPALLANDU), it is recited twice. The love and devotion of the Gopis pours forth in this Paasuram.

Lord Krishna now reaches the throne along with Sri Devi (NAPPINAI). The Gopis are overwhelmed at the divine sight of the Lord and His consort and they ecstatically sing His glories.  Further, they only seek to serve Him (KAINKARYAM) with all the bounties,with all the strength and capacity that He bestows on His devotees through His Will, Mercy and Grace.

I am reminded of the famous Aarathi Om Jaya Jagadeesha Hare wherein the devotee offers Aarathi to Lord Vishnu singing, “Oh Lord, I humbly offer to You all that is Yours. There is nothing that belongs to me”. (TERAA TUJHHKO ARPAN KYAA LAAGE MERAA). This is the fundamental Vaishnava thought (philosophy) and tradition (action). The foundation of Vaishnavism.


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