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It seems Shri Krishna is inclined towards  granting the prayers of Aandaal and Gopis and wants to wake up. So the Gopis and Aandal pray to the Lord.  “Oh Krishna you should now majestically come out of  your chambers just like  crouching lion (SEERIYA SINGAM) majestically comes out of his sleep from his mountain lair  after the rains. He ferociously looks around and vigorously shakes his mane  and roars loudly while emerging from his cave. (SIMHA NAADAM). Oh Lord who has this enchanting bluish complexion (like the KAAYAMPOO flower) arise from Your holy shrine (AASTHHAANAM)  come out and bless us by giving us the good fortune of having a glimpse of Your divine self ( DARSHANA SAUBHHAAGYAM). Let us be so lucky as to see YOUR majestic gait while you come out to bless us Oh Lord. Please be seated on this throne that is ideally suited for You. Then after having been seated please turn Your attention towards the purpose of our visit of waking You up (and requesting you to preside over the PAAVAI NOMBU).  

NOTE: In the previous Pasuram (ANGANMAANYAALATTHU) Aandaal and Gopis announced their arrival and stood patiently at the foot of  Shri Krishna’s bed and appealed to Him to wake up and with His merciful glance inquire about their purpose of coming to Him. In this Pasuram the Gopis describe the majestic gait of Shri Krishna. He obliges and wakes up. The elated Gopis salute Him. They are so over joyed that He has heard their prayers. At the same time when He decides to give them an audience, they are over awed  to hear His sonorous and magnificient voice just like a lion’s roar  deep and clear while He is walking towards the Gopis and Aandaal who have only one desire in their hearts and that is to serve him unconditionally( GAMBHHEERANAADAI AZHAHU of  “YASHODAI ILAM SINGHAM” remember the 1st Pasuram?).  Aandaal beholds  her Lord and overcome with awe and joy she proceeds to describes His magnificent gait. Aandaal says , “Look at our Lord; He is the blissfully resting God who is the scorcher of enemies, the vanquisher of evil (SUKHHA SUPTHA PARANTHAPAN). Behold! He has now arisen just like the majestic lion waking up in his lair after the rainy season”.

This Paasuram has a connection with the NARASIMHA AVATAARAM of Lord Vishnu and is dedicated to Lakshmi Narasimhan . In the hills of Ahobilam  the Lord in the form of NARASIMHAN was in deep  sleep. However seeing the plight of people in the Kali Yuga He took pity and took the pledge (SANKALPAM) of protecting and blessing  His devotees. (Ahobilam is situated in today’s Nallamalai in Andhra Pradesh India.  It is said that the mountain range from Thirumala to Simhachalam in AndhraPradesh represents Aadi Seshaa whose head is the Tirumala Hill , the body is the Nallamalai and the tail is the Srisailam. All these  places are Vaishnava and Shaiva pilgrim centers).

Lord Narasimha came out of His cave in Ahobilam and blessed His devotees and continues to do so. Ahobilam is the place where  the nine forms of Narasimham (Nava Narasimham)  have taken up His abode in various forms of NARASIMHA.The 23rd Pasuram adds up to number 5 ( 2+3=5). The fifth  constellation(Nakshatram) is Mrigaseersha the “lion “constellation. This Paasuram is about propitiating and worshipping  the idol of Narasimhan (Narasimhan Moorthy ), directing us to follow the path of  surrender in the process of attaining salvation through the  mercy of Lord Narasimha.

There is a famous shlokam on Ahobilam that goes as follows;

Aho Veeryam!  ( Oh the mighty  valor)

Aho Shouryam!  ( Oh so Gallant)

Aho baahu parakrama! ( Oh the mighty strength  of His arms)

Naarasimham param deivam( Oh the great God Narasimha)

Aho bhilam! ( Oh the mighty Cave)

Aho balam! ( Oh the mighty strength)

“Ahobilam” means Oh the mighty cave . ” Aho Balam” means the Oh the mighty strength.  The word “AHO”  is a term of  exclamation in Sanskrit.


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