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Aandaal, along with Gopis fervently prays to Krishna and says, “Oh Lord we have come to you just as kings  of this beautiful Earth surrender and stay as vassals  in waiting towards  a sovereign. We have completely given up arrogance and ego and are surrounding your bed-side  waiting for You to wake up give orders.  We have even even shed our self-esteem. Oh Lord will you not look at us with those gentle lovely eyes resembling a half  blossomed Lotus or like small bells  that are half open but  gradually keep opening  (KINKINI) ? If You will please  just glance at us with those beautiful Sun and Moon like eyes, we  will be freed and redeemed  from all our sins past, present and future. Therefore Oh Lord please grant us the good fortune of Your compassionate glance”.

The inner meaning ( BHHAAVAARTHHAM) can be interpreted as ” Oh Lord we have been approaching You and waiting on You as we have no other refuge but You who can take us in His shelter and protect us. However, You have not yet cast your compassionate glances on us (KRIPAA KATAAKSHAM).  We are born in families (OF AZHWAARS) who constantly pray for your Grace and eagerly wait for your coral lips to open and move in command and conversation with us. We, like kings defeated by a superior sovereign have cast aside our ego and  seeking  refuge in You, we just want to be in the protection of  Your soothing and merciful glance. When You pretend that  You  do not know and understand the purpose of our visit, or the fervor and pain of our prayers and also Your relationship with us, we feel completely lost  as if  we have been cast away.  Hence we continue to suffer the pangs of separation from You.  It seems we are  under a spell  and pain of a curse that can be alleviated only through Your merciful glances.  Only for that one comforting and loving look of Yours have we come to Your abode and we patiently wait on You . Please open those lotus eyes Oh Lord and  bestow on us the good fortune of Your compassionate  look.


In the previous Pasuram the Gopis describe Lord Krishna as having freed them of all EGO ( ABHHIMAANA SHOONYATHAI). In this Pasuraam the Gopis declare their complete and exclusive surrender and servitude to their Lord alone( ANANHAARYA SESHATHVAM). The Gopis, through the Grace of Sri-Devi (NAPPINAI) now approach Shri Krishna in a state of complete freedom from their false ego ( the illusion that they have the free will, independence, freedom, strength and power to protect themselves, “ SVATHANTHRA AATHMA BHHRAMAM”).  Having thus come out of that spell of EGO and hence even from the so called self-esteem, the Gopis tell Krishna that it seems it was a spell or curse that had gripped them with such false notions. But now they have completely shed all their false  and subtle pride, arrogance  and inhibitions and come to Him imploring Him to cast that one compassionate glance  of His that can forever save them and redeem them from their own follies and false notions.


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