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Salutations To Sri Aandaal

Kodai Piranda Oor Govindha.

Shoodi Manni Maadam Tonrum Oor

Neediyaal Nalla Pattar Vaazhum Ooor

Naan Maraihal Odumoor

Villiputoor Vedak Koonoor. 

Paadakkangal Teerkum Paramam Addi Kaattum

Vedam anaittukkum Vittahum Kodhai Tamizh

 Aiyaindhum Aindhum Ariyaada Maannidharai

  Vaiyam  Sumappaaduvum  Vambu.

Tiruvaadi Poorathu Jegattudittaal Vazhiye 

Thiruppaavai Muppadum Cheppinaal Vaazhiye

Periyaazhvaar Petredutta Penn Pillai   Vaazhiye

Perumpoodoor Maamunikkum Pinnaaanaal Vaazhiye

Oru Nootru Naarpattha Moonruraitthaal Vazhiye

Uyararangarke  Kanniuhandarulitthaal Vazhiye

Maruvaarum Thirumalli Vala Naadi Vazhiye

Vanpudhuvai Nahark Kodhai malarppadangal  Vaazhiye



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Approaching Him, {the one who is known to have lovely locks KESHAVAN, is the husband of Lakshmi MAADHAVAN and who churns the seas abounding with ships}, the damsels of Gokul and Vrindavan who are beautiful and adorned with many ornaments receive through His grace the auspicious drum (Parrai) that is used in the festivals in honor of the Lord.

Describing their observances and prayers Godha/ Aandaal the resident of Sri Villiputtoor, the foster daughter of Bhattar Piraan, adorned with lotus garlands composed this Thiruppaavai. It is known as the “Garland of Songs” (SANGAT TAMIZH MAALAI), sung in groups by devotees for the pleasure of  Lord Naaraayana.

Thiruppavai is hailed as the poem of the Sangam poetess Aandaal. It consists of thirty Paasurams. Who-so-ever recites these Paasurams faithfully, attains the benign Grace of the Lord of  Sri Lakshmi (THIRUMAAL  or  SRI PATHI). The devotee receives divine bliss. Thirumaal is the Supreme Lord, He has a divine form. His shoulders and arms are strong. His beautiful lotus eyes have a reddish hue. He has other auspicious signs and glorious qualities like calmness, endurance, cleverness, valor, prowess, generosity, sweetness, strength and opulence (STHHAIRYA, DHHAIRYA, CHAATURYA, VEERYA, SHAKTHI PARAAKRAMA, AUDARYA, MAADHHURYA, BALAISHWARYA). The Thirtieth Paasuram is in praise of His Glories. It is a song that urges the devotee to sing the praise of Lord Krishna and attain bliss. Thus it is a song that fulfills the desires (PHHALA SHRUTHI PAASURAM, THIRU NAAMA PAATTU), of devotees who seek Lord’s grace and wish to serve Him.


Today is the day when the Paasurams of Aandaal, (the lady who gave her garland to adorn Lord  Ranganaatha SOODIKODUTTA NAACHIYAAR) come to the stage where devotees gather in a huge congregation in the temple to celebrate the last day of PAAVAI NOMBU. They sing the thirtieth Paasuram and partake the Prasadam of the Lord (SAATTUMURAI, GOSHTHHI).

The marriage of Aandaal with Rangamannaar (GODHA KALYANAM) is also celebrated on this day. Aandal not only offered the garland of flowers (POOMAALAI) to the Lord after wearing it herself, but also offered this Garland Of Songs (PAAMAALAI) throughout the month of Maargasheersha (MAARGAZHI MAASAM) to celebrate the PAAVAI NOMBU.

Today is a very auspicious day (PARAMA MANGALA DHINAM).Today is Uttarayana and Makara Samkranthi. May auspiciousness spread all around. May Aandaal’s message full of love and devotion reach the Lotus Feet of the Lord. May the recitation of the thirtieth Paasuram fill the lives of the devotees with blessings for a life filled with service (KAINKARYAM) for Lord Krishna. Aandal says those who recite the Thiruppavai will certainly be blessed by Lord Krishna who will shower His love, compassion and grace on all His devotes who recite, hear and participate in this Paavai Nombu.



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Aandal prays to Lord Krishna thus:

“ Oh Lord Govindha! Please listen to our prayer. We are the Gopis, who have been approaching Your divine presence at the streak of dawn. We have been paying our obeisance to You with the sole purpose of singing Your praise and offering our devotion to Your lotus feet. You Oh Lord  decided to take birth amongst us, the humble cowherds, who earn their livelihood by rearing  and grazing cattle. You have been so compassionate to us and have not denied us the humble service and that we perform with devotion. Oh Lord please pay attention and grant us our prayer to serve You not only in this birth but may our seven generations be tied to You in devotion and humble service. We the kith and kin of Your Divine Self should receive the good fortune of performing all devotional service to You alone. Please burn away all our other desires so that this one desire alone forever remains kindled in our hearts”.


Just like in the Paasurams 27th (Koodarai Vellum seer GOVINDHA) and 28th (Karavaigal Pin Senru………..Kuraivonrrumillatha GOVINDHA),  in this Paasuram too the name Govindha is invoked for the third time. It is like uttering the name GOVINDHA thrice for undertaking a resolve (Sankalpam) of remaining a servant of the Lord forever. (GOVINDHA! GOVINDHA! GOVINDHA!) 

We can also observe that another name of Aandaal Godha is hidden in the name of Govindha. So when we invoke the Lord’s name we also invoke Aandaal’s name.

The 29th Paasuram is the last Paasuram wherein Godha or Aandaal  concludes her garland of poems in the role of a female cowherd (Gopi) which she assumes in order to identify herself with the innocent, simple, loving and devoted milkmaids of Vrindavan in order to express her and their(Gopis of Virndaban)love and devotion for Krishna.

She envisages them and herself getting together and performing the PAAVAI NOMBU during the auspicious month of December and January  (Maagasheersha Maasam). She asks Krishna to bless her and the other cowherd devotees ( Gopis) so that they can stay away from all worldly attachments and serve Krishna and Krishna alone, come what may, everywhere ( SARVA DESHA), at all times (SARVA KAALA)and under all circumstances( SARVAAVASTHHA). She sees herself and the Gopis as sharing a very strong and loving bond of the controller and controlled (SESHATVA SAMBANDHAM) wherein the Gopis happily and readily   seek and  want to be under the Lord’s control and be commanded by Him. Hence they seek the boon of  uninterrupted service and devotion towards Lord Krishna.

She and the Gopis do not seek any other reward except being in devoted service of Lord (KAINKARYA PRAAPTHI). The Gopis entreat to they should have unconditional and unalloyed devotion and love for Him, as this relationship is not of give and take,“ I will give you this, and You in return with give me that” (DEHI MEY DHADHAAMI TEY)! It is a relationship of unconditional devotion, service and surrender to Krishna (AHAITUKEE BHHAKTHI, KAINKARYAM and PRAPATTHI).          


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The Gopis describe themselves as ones who tend cows for a livelihood. Hence being born as cowherds, Aanadal says, “we think we are not fit to receive the merits by performing noble and good actions (SAT KAARYA PHALAM) as our status in society is not very noble and high.

They also reveal that they are unfit to acquire the three most important qualities of devotion, (BHHAKTHI) knowledge( JNANAM) and through strict discipline being capable of performing various Yogic postures and practices in order to unit the heart and mind in meditation, contemplation and absorption in Krishna (YOGA). Aandaal hence says,”we are not fit to pursue the path of devotion, knowledge and contemplation as we are completely devoid of even comprehending the three mysteries of what essence, goodness and knowledge are (THATTHVA HITS JNAANAM)”.

But how come then they still are very blissful? Aandaal says, “ look at our good fortune! We are so very fortunate that You Oh Krishna have decided to be born in our clan and caste (PIRAVI PERUMTANAI YAAM UDAYOM, SOWBHHAAGYAM of KRISHNA born as a SAJAATHYAM)”.

Aandal and Gopis therefore celebrate the very quintessential good fortune (MOOLA SUKRITHAM) of being in the company of Krishna(KOORAIVONRUMILLATHA GOVINDA). Here the essential quality of Lord is expressed as He being the essence of means and goals (PRAAPYA PRAPAKA SANGRAHATHVAM).

The Gopis also celebrate the special relationship they share with Krishna (SAMBANDHA JNAANAM, UNRANNOODORAVEL NAMAKKU INKU OZHIKKA OZHIYAATHU).

They then go a step further and identify themselves as village girls who are simple and innocent and have no awareness about dignity and decorum as per worldly rules and regulations (LOKAA MARIYAADAA/ ARIYAATHA PILLAIKALOM ANBINAAL)

The Gopis also are constantly aware of their position as humble devotees and always ask for forgiveness for any trespasses past, present or future (UNRANNAI SIRU PER AZHAITHTANAVUM SSERI ARULAATHE). Aandaal says, “Please do not be angry with us because we use short names (KANNA etc) of affection for You. Please pardon us for these trespasses”.

They at the end only pray for having the good fortune (SOWBHHAAGYAM) and possessing the sole treasure of being in service of the Lord (NEE THAARAAI PARAI).  Here they express what they desire and what they expect Krishna to bestow on them and address Him as the LORD “IRAIVA”.

NOTE: Aandaal here expresses that in spite of successfully nearing completion of the Paavai Nombu and in spite of the fact that Sri Krishna showed so much of compassions and bestowed on them and good fortune of  SAALOKYAM, SAAMIPYAM, SVAAROOPYA as well as  SAAYUJYAM yet they cannot afford to  allow complacency to creep into them or feel proud as the fortunate ones. In fact they must now very carefully and preciously guard this good fortune from their own weaknesses of allowing the ego to be “elated” on becoming the ” elevated devotees”. This is the most difficult phase and aspect of the whole endeavor of unconditional surrender and devotion. While living in this world till Krishna decides otherwise, one must continue performing one’s devotional duty, services as well as follow rituals and tradition devoid of any expectations and blemishes while still being surrounded by worldly existence. One has to recognize the fact that one can easily fall a prey to one’s ego and hence be alert and aware all the time so that the accumulated merits (PUNYAM) may keep multiplying so as to enable the individual soul (JEEVAATHMAA) to reach  KRISHNA’S LOTUS FEET  (PARAMA PADAM).

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Paavai Nombu is nearing its completion. The ecstatic Gopis are praising the Lord,

“Oh Govinda through Your benign magnanimity, You even win over Your opponents. Through Your grace, we shall get the energy to sing Your praise, as Your presence shall always inspire us and fill us with love and devotion for You.  Thus worshiping You (with devotion and surrender) in the divine service of Your Lordship, for the purpose of Your pleasure alone, we will be praised by the world for being able to perform this Vratham successfully through Your Grace.

Now we adorn ourselves with various ornaments, bedeck ourselves with flowers, apply collyrium, drape ourselves in fine new clothing and put on jingling anklets. We shall then approach You and shall rejoice in praising You, being in Your divine company and refuge.  For Your pleasure and consumption, as well as for the entire devotee congregation (GOSHTHHI) now we shall prepare food using milk and ghee (KSHEERAANNAM). Thus filled with contentment and rapture in Your divine presence we shall attain peace of mind and bliss“.  


Back in the SECOND PAASURAM (VAIYYATTHU VAAZHVEERGAAL) Aandaal had instructed the devotees who were participating in the Paavai Nombu , to avoid  using ghee and  milk in food and  give up  fine clothing, heavy ornaments, collyrium as well as flowers to bedeck themselves. Now as the Nombu is nearing its completion she, through this 27th  Paasuram indicates that now that the Vratham is nearing its completion, we can use all the above things for the pleasure of Lord Krishna.

In this Paasuram Aandaal and Gopis also request the boon from Krishna of being so immersed in Him that they merge and become one with Him (SAAYUJYAM).This state of Oneness is obtainable only when crosses the other levels of devotion through complete surrender to Krishna. Hence this level of communication and communion is beyond the bliss of the other preceding levels of:

1.Continuous contemplation of Krishna (SAALOKYAM).

2.Nearness to Krishna (SAAMIPYAM).

3. Having the vision of Krishna (SAAROOPYAM).


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The young Gopis request Lord Naaraayana to grant them the various accessories they need for conducting the Vratham.

“Oh Lord who is the very personification of unconditional love, please listen to our prayers. Oh Lord Krishna who is endowed with sapphire-like complexion please pay heed to our entreaties.

We have followed the rituals of preparation for the Vratham to the best of our ability through Your Grace. Through the strength and resolve bestowed on us through Your desire and compassion, we have taken the holy dip daily early at dawn without fail. We now need the following materials for successfully the vratham.

1. Conchs similar to Your Panchajanyam, so that we can perform the worship through recitation (MANTHRASANAM) in accompaniment to the blowing of the conch (SHANKHHANAADAM)

2.  Drums (the BHHERI) for the  auspicious music while conducting the ritual holy bathing ceremony for the You and Sri Devi (THIRUMANJANAM or SNAANAASANAM).  

3. Singers who will glorify You (sing the Thirupallandu) while we decorate the Divine Couple with various silks and jewels (ALANKAARAASANAM) .

4. Beautiful resplendent decorated lamps to light while offering  food to You and Sri Devi (BHHOJYAASANAM).     

5. The banner or (DHHVAJAM) to be hoisted  during recitation of the concluding prayers  for the pleasure of the Divine Couple. (PUNARMANTHRAASANAM)

6.  A huge canopy (POOJA PANDAL and OONJAL) where we can offer YOU  a throne or swing for rest  and relaxation ( PARYANKAASANAM).

Here we all  will congregate to perfom the vratham in Your honour.

Oh Lord whose mysterious ways are unfathomable (MAAYAAVIN). Oh lord You appeared as a baby lying on the banayan leaf  (VATAPATRASHAAYEE) blissfully sucking Your big toe (PADAANGUSHTHHAAM DDHHRITA MUKHHE), please bless us with these  materials (VRATHOPAKARANAM) through Your abundant Grace”.


NOTE: In this 26th Paasuram, the  26th  essence (TATHTVAM)  i.e. God (ISHVARA) as mentioned in the Upanishads (TAMM SHATVINSHAKAM ITHYAAHU) is alluded to.

The individual soul, (JEEVAATHMAA) is the 25th essence  according to the Upanishads.

The indiviadual soul (JEEVAATHMAA) painstakingly climbs the 24 steps  of this materialistic world encased in this body (SHAREERAM that consists of  the 24 TATTVAM) and reaches the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord ( SANNIDHHI OF ISHVARAN).

The Lord is patiently waiting to receive His devotees and grant them salvation from the recurring cycles of  birth and death. This is the philosophical meaning of this Paasuram.

At the devotional level Aandaal indicates that the age old customs and traditions laid down by our preceptors (AACHAARYAS) should be respected and observed implicitly.  By describing the accessories  for the Dhhanurmaasam ceremony, Aandaal indicates that while a pure mind and heart, filled with pure intentions, love and devotion is the foremost prerequisite for approaching  the Lord and seeking His Grace and Mercy( MAANASIKAARADHHANAM or HRIDYAGYAM)  one needs to carefully follow all the rituals and customs that have been enjoined in the scriptures as external aids for worshiping Lord Krishna.(BAAHYAARAADHHANAM).  Finally  this  Paasuram also indicates that mental prayers as well as  accompanying rituals  are meant for seeking refuge in Krishna through surrender.




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Aandaal describes Lord Krishna in this Paasuram. She says You were born of one (ORUTTHI i.e. DEVAKI) and raised by another (ORUTTHI i.e YASHODA). You are the One who ignited the fire of  fear and terror in Kamsa (KAMSA’S BELLY “KANCHAN VAYITTRIL”). You are the One who is Maha Vishnu. You are the One who holds the Conch (Shankha) and  the (Chakra). We pay our respects and homage to You.You are the One who will remove all our miseries and fill our lives with bliss as you did remove the plight of all Your devotees who fervently sought You as Krishna. Oh lord we have woken up all your devotees and with a pure heart and mind we seek Your Grace and Blessings.Please grant us the boons we desire we will sing and praise Your opulence and thereby will be relieved of all our miseries”.
Lord Krishna’s Avataranam is being celebrated in this Paasuram.The all pervading and all powerful Lord hid His glories and power ( until and unless it was absolutely necessary for the Lord to show His opulence on various occasions) while He chose to live in Gokulam. Because of His deep attachment for His devotees he chose to  live in Gokulam and Vrindavan among the simple cowherd who were steeped in devotion towards Krishna. They knew ( and so did Aandaal and her devotee friends), that the route through unconditional devotion and surrender ( Bhakthi and Prapatthi: “ARUTTITTU VANDOM PARAI THARUDIYAAHIL” ) is the only way to be purified in every way to receive Krishna’s Mercy and Grace.
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The Gopis along with Aandaal have witnessed Lord Krishna sleeping, waking up, getting up and walking towards them. Meanwhile when He walks the Gopis perform the auspicious rituals and prayers and sing His glories. (MANGALAASASHANAM) for His divine feet (THIRUVADIKAL). They sing  paean of praise for Krishna thus:

“Earlier on one particular day long ago, You measured this Universe with Your feet and now we pray that these divine feet are always protected and glorified. Earlier long ago You went to Lanka and killed Ravana the sinner, now we pray that Your enormous power to vanquish evil is always glorified. Long ago You gave a kick to the demon in the form of a cart (SHAKATAASURA) with Your tiny divine feet, today we pray that Your fame is forever protected glorified. You vanquished the demon in the form of a calf (VATSAASURA) as well as the demon in the form of the wood –apple tree (KAPITTAASURA). Today we pray and glorify YOUR divine feet and anklets. Long ago You lifted the Govadhana Giri just like one lifts a umbrella. Today we glorify Your pristine Merits and Grace. The spear in Your hands completely subjugates and eradicates Your enemies. We sing the glory of that spear in Your hands. We have come to You to offer our prayers. Please be compassionate to us and provide us with  all the necessary ritualistic paraphernalia that we need to perform this Paavai Nombu.

NOTE: Since this Paasuram is one of the most auspicious one and is a song of glorification of the Lord’s divine deeds and His auspicious attributes as well as His beautiful Hands and Feet  (a MANGALASASHANAM or a THIRUPALLANDU), it is recited twice. The love and devotion of the Gopis pours forth in this Paasuram.

Lord Krishna now reaches the throne along with Sri Devi (NAPPINAI). The Gopis are overwhelmed at the divine sight of the Lord and His consort and they ecstatically sing His glories.  Further, they only seek to serve Him (KAINKARYAM) with all the bounties,with all the strength and capacity that He bestows on His devotees through His Will, Mercy and Grace.

I am reminded of the famous Aarathi Om Jaya Jagadeesha Hare wherein the devotee offers Aarathi to Lord Vishnu singing, “Oh Lord, I humbly offer to You all that is Yours. There is nothing that belongs to me”. (TERAA TUJHHKO ARPAN KYAA LAAGE MERAA). This is the fundamental Vaishnava thought (philosophy) and tradition (action). The foundation of Vaishnavism.

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It seems Shri Krishna is inclined towards  granting the prayers of Aandaal and Gopis and wants to wake up. So the Gopis and Aandal pray to the Lord.  “Oh Krishna you should now majestically come out of  your chambers just like  crouching lion (SEERIYA SINGAM) majestically comes out of his sleep from his mountain lair  after the rains. He ferociously looks around and vigorously shakes his mane  and roars loudly while emerging from his cave. (SIMHA NAADAM). Oh Lord who has this enchanting bluish complexion (like the KAAYAMPOO flower) arise from Your holy shrine (AASTHHAANAM)  come out and bless us by giving us the good fortune of having a glimpse of Your divine self ( DARSHANA SAUBHHAAGYAM). Let us be so lucky as to see YOUR majestic gait while you come out to bless us Oh Lord. Please be seated on this throne that is ideally suited for You. Then after having been seated please turn Your attention towards the purpose of our visit of waking You up (and requesting you to preside over the PAAVAI NOMBU).  

NOTE: In the previous Pasuram (ANGANMAANYAALATTHU) Aandaal and Gopis announced their arrival and stood patiently at the foot of  Shri Krishna’s bed and appealed to Him to wake up and with His merciful glance inquire about their purpose of coming to Him. In this Pasuram the Gopis describe the majestic gait of Shri Krishna. He obliges and wakes up. The elated Gopis salute Him. They are so over joyed that He has heard their prayers. At the same time when He decides to give them an audience, they are over awed  to hear His sonorous and magnificient voice just like a lion’s roar  deep and clear while He is walking towards the Gopis and Aandaal who have only one desire in their hearts and that is to serve him unconditionally( GAMBHHEERANAADAI AZHAHU of  “YASHODAI ILAM SINGHAM” remember the 1st Pasuram?).  Aandaal beholds  her Lord and overcome with awe and joy she proceeds to describes His magnificent gait. Aandaal says , “Look at our Lord; He is the blissfully resting God who is the scorcher of enemies, the vanquisher of evil (SUKHHA SUPTHA PARANTHAPAN). Behold! He has now arisen just like the majestic lion waking up in his lair after the rainy season”.

This Paasuram has a connection with the NARASIMHA AVATAARAM of Lord Vishnu and is dedicated to Lakshmi Narasimhan . In the hills of Ahobilam  the Lord in the form of NARASIMHAN was in deep  sleep. However seeing the plight of people in the Kali Yuga He took pity and took the pledge (SANKALPAM) of protecting and blessing  His devotees. (Ahobilam is situated in today’s Nallamalai in Andhra Pradesh India.  It is said that the mountain range from Thirumala to Simhachalam in AndhraPradesh represents Aadi Seshaa whose head is the Tirumala Hill , the body is the Nallamalai and the tail is the Srisailam. All these  places are Vaishnava and Shaiva pilgrim centers).

Lord Narasimha came out of His cave in Ahobilam and blessed His devotees and continues to do so. Ahobilam is the place where  the nine forms of Narasimham (Nava Narasimham)  have taken up His abode in various forms of NARASIMHA.The 23rd Pasuram adds up to number 5 ( 2+3=5). The fifth  constellation(Nakshatram) is Mrigaseersha the “lion “constellation. This Paasuram is about propitiating and worshipping  the idol of Narasimhan (Narasimhan Moorthy ), directing us to follow the path of  surrender in the process of attaining salvation through the  mercy of Lord Narasimha.

There is a famous shlokam on Ahobilam that goes as follows;

Aho Veeryam!  ( Oh the mighty  valor)

Aho Shouryam!  ( Oh so Gallant)

Aho baahu parakrama! ( Oh the mighty strength  of His arms)

Naarasimham param deivam( Oh the great God Narasimha)

Aho bhilam! ( Oh the mighty Cave)

Aho balam! ( Oh the mighty strength)

“Ahobilam” means Oh the mighty cave . ” Aho Balam” means the Oh the mighty strength.  The word “AHO”  is a term of  exclamation in Sanskrit.

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Aandaal, along with Gopis fervently prays to Krishna and says, “Oh Lord we have come to you just as kings  of this beautiful Earth surrender and stay as vassals  in waiting towards  a sovereign. We have completely given up arrogance and ego and are surrounding your bed-side  waiting for You to wake up give orders.  We have even even shed our self-esteem. Oh Lord will you not look at us with those gentle lovely eyes resembling a half  blossomed Lotus or like small bells  that are half open but  gradually keep opening  (KINKINI) ? If You will please  just glance at us with those beautiful Sun and Moon like eyes, we  will be freed and redeemed  from all our sins past, present and future. Therefore Oh Lord please grant us the good fortune of Your compassionate glance”.

The inner meaning ( BHHAAVAARTHHAM) can be interpreted as ” Oh Lord we have been approaching You and waiting on You as we have no other refuge but You who can take us in His shelter and protect us. However, You have not yet cast your compassionate glances on us (KRIPAA KATAAKSHAM).  We are born in families (OF AZHWAARS) who constantly pray for your Grace and eagerly wait for your coral lips to open and move in command and conversation with us. We, like kings defeated by a superior sovereign have cast aside our ego and  seeking  refuge in You, we just want to be in the protection of  Your soothing and merciful glance. When You pretend that  You  do not know and understand the purpose of our visit, or the fervor and pain of our prayers and also Your relationship with us, we feel completely lost  as if  we have been cast away.  Hence we continue to suffer the pangs of separation from You.  It seems we are  under a spell  and pain of a curse that can be alleviated only through Your merciful glances.  Only for that one comforting and loving look of Yours have we come to Your abode and we patiently wait on You . Please open those lotus eyes Oh Lord and  bestow on us the good fortune of Your compassionate  look.


In the previous Pasuram the Gopis describe Lord Krishna as having freed them of all EGO ( ABHHIMAANA SHOONYATHAI). In this Pasuraam the Gopis declare their complete and exclusive surrender and servitude to their Lord alone( ANANHAARYA SESHATHVAM). The Gopis, through the Grace of Sri-Devi (NAPPINAI) now approach Shri Krishna in a state of complete freedom from their false ego ( the illusion that they have the free will, independence, freedom, strength and power to protect themselves, “ SVATHANTHRA AATHMA BHHRAMAM”).  Having thus come out of that spell of EGO and hence even from the so called self-esteem, the Gopis tell Krishna that it seems it was a spell or curse that had gripped them with such false notions. But now they have completely shed all their false  and subtle pride, arrogance  and inhibitions and come to Him imploring Him to cast that one compassionate glance  of His that can forever save them and redeem them from their own follies and false notions.

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